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Gum Paste Dinosaur Tutorial

Professional cake designer Dominika Migoda will teach you how to make an adorable gum paste dinosaur in this free cake decorating tutorial!

This how-to guide includes a detailed list of tools and ingredients needed to complete this brontosaurus cake topper.

This dinosaur is made with gum paste, an easy to mold material that is perfect for cake decorating beginners. 

Kids in particular love this cake topper. Trust us; if you make this cake for their next birthday party, you’ll go down in history!


Dominika Migoda

Dominika Migoda is a professional cake designer and an owner of Ale to Dobre – So Good!

She specializes in custom cakes for special occasions, including cartoon-themed cakes for children’s birthday parties and elegant cakes for milestone anniversaries. 

Table of Contents

AletoDobre DinosaurCake

Tools and Materials

Gum Paste Dinosaur Pictorial

AleDobre Dinozaur 1
Materials you'll need. List with links available above.
AleDobre Dinozaur 2
Divide 50g of green Saracino modeling paste into 4 even pieces.
AleDobre Dinozaur 3
Roll logs to form Dino's legs.
AleDobre Dinozaur 4
Stick a wooden skewer into each piece...
AleDobre Dinozaur 5
Stick them onto a styrofoam dummy and using your Dresden tool mark creases around its feet.
AleDobre Dinozaur 6
Use 90g of green paste to make the body. You can also use a styrofoam ball inside to make the figure lighter. Place the body on the legs.
AleDobre Dinozaur 7
Use your ball tool to make small holes in each leg...
AleDobre Dinozaur 8
and fill them with white paste to immitate claws.
AleDobre Dinozaur 9
Use 10-15g of green paste to make the neck. Roll a log which is tempered on one side...
AleDobre Dinozaur 10
Attach the neck to the body.
AleDobre Dinozaur 11
Make sure to smooth out the crevices where parts meet.
AleDobre Dinozaur 12
Use ~40g of green paste to make the head. Roll an oval shaped piece and gently press in the middle ...
AleDobre Dinozaur 13
Here too, you could use a small styrofoam ball in the middle to make the head lighter.
AleDobre Dinozaur 14
Use your ball tool to make indentations for the eyes...
AleDobre Dinozaur 15
Use white paste to make 2 small balls.
AleDobre Dinozaur 16
Next, make 2 smaller black balls and place on the white ones...
AleDobre Dinozaur 17
and 2 more tiny white balls which will be placed on top of the black...
AleDobre Dinozaur 18
Use your silicone tool to make nostrils...
AleDobre Dinozaur 19
Use a knife or a scalpel to slightly cut the paste to create lips...
AleDobre Dinozaur 20
To make eyebrows, roll out 2 small tear shaped pieces of green paste...
AleDobre Dinozaur 21
and place them above the eyes ...
AleDobre Dinozaur 22
Lastly, make the tail by rolling a small log, thinner on one side...
AleDobre Dinozaur 23
and attach it to the body ...
AletoDobre DinosaurCake
You've got yourself a cute gum paste dinosaur topper!

Tips & Tricks

  • You do not need any special edible glue to adhere parts of the gum paste dinosaur together. You can use water or water wipes to lightly damp the fondant.
  • You can make figures out of fondant, the same that is used to cover cakes, however its best to add a bit of tylose powder to it to make it harden faster.
  • Dominika starts working on fondant figures by making the lower body parts first. It allows her to scale all parts properly and keep correct proportions. 

  • While making edible figures, she likes to work with a cake dummy the size of the actual cake on which the topper will be placed.  

  • This tutorial is also available in Polish, you can find it HERE.

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