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Clown Cake Topper Tutorial

Learn How to Make a Clown Cake Topper with Fondant

Professional cake designer Dominika Dobek will teach you how to make a colorful clown cake topper in this free tutorial!

Dominika is an expert when it comes to making edible figures. Her step-by-step picture instructions and detailed list of materials and ingredients needed to complete the decoration make this tutorial easy-to-follow and perfect for beginners. 

Making this clown cake topper is a great way to practice working with fondant while learning the basics of sugar art modeling. 

The skills you learn after completing this tutorial can be applied to your own custom cake designs. 

Dominika Dobek, nicknamed Domy by her friends, is an award-winning cake designer and the head of Sweet Revolutions By Domy

Domy teaches sugar art modeling in private and group sessions. You can also catch her live on her Facebook fan page! 

Table of Contents


Tools and Materials

  • gum paste or Saracino modeling paste
  • edible lustre dusts: shiny red, purple sheen
  • metalic paint: red, blue
  • gel colors: black, white, red, brown, blue, orange, violet, ivory, green
  • petal dusts: light blue, light pink, apple green

Clown Cake Topper Pictorial

To start making your clown cake topper, unmould the face...
Use a medium ball tool to change the lip shape by pushing the tool gently to the top.
Rub a Dresden tool on the top while gently pushing down.
Using a veiner, make 2 small holes in the lips.
Draw the outline of the eyes.
Using a scalpel remove the paste from the eye sockets.
Use 2 identical sized balls of white paste and push them into the sockets.
Roll 2 small balls of green paste and place them in the middle of the white eye balls. Make 2 smaller black balls and place them in the middle of the green.
Roll 2 small cones of flesh colored paste and attach them over the eyes to create the eye lids. Cut excess away.
Roll 2 thin black cones and attach them on the top of the eye.
Use thinner cones and attached them to the bottom of the eyes.
Using green gel color outline the iris.
Add a fine eyelid crease to each eye.
Use white color to add details to the eyes.
Use 2 thin cones of black paste to make the eyebrows.
Paint the lips with red metalic.
Use a small flat brush to create make up.
Paint a small blue triangle on the bottom of the right eye and a pink one above the left eye.
Roll a few tiny, tapered cones of black fondant...
Attach the fine tips of the cones to the eyelid, by graduating the lengths from left to right - long too short.
Attach a small ball of red paste on the nose.
With a fine tip brush paint the lower eyelashes.
Make the body of the clown cake topper using the torso mold.
Place a 22g floral wire to support the arms.
Make the arms using the mold.
Place the body on a wooden skewer and attach the arms. Roll out 2 thin red recatngles. Cut off the top of each with a circle cutter.
Damp the back and front of the figure and attached the red rectangles.
Make small flat pieces out of red, orange, yellow. green, blue and purple paste.
Attache the colors on the back of the head.
Roll out ~20 small tapered cones of each color to make curls.
Starting from the bottom, attach 2 rows of each color.
Bend a couple of curls to shape her face.
Use the mould to make legs.
Roll out red paste, cut a circle out and a smaller circle in the middle. Frill the edges with a ball tool.
Fold to create a ruffle. You'll need about 4.
Attach the legs and stick the ruffles around them to create the bottom of the dress.
Using a veiner mark a line around her feet.
and paint it with blue metalic to create shoes.
Paint the dress with metalic red.
And your clown cake topper...
is ready!

Tips & Tricks

  • You do not need any special edible glue to adhere parts of the clown cake topper together. You can use water or water wipes to lightly damp the fondant.
  • You can make figures out of fondant, the same that is used to cover cakes, however its best to add a bit of tylose powder to it to make it harden faster.

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Clown Cake Topper

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