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When it comes to specialty cake design, Art of Cake NY Owner and Designer Magda Kubis started from scratch. Eight years ago, she was organizing a baby shower for a close friend and took notice of the beautiful, one of a kind cakes she was seeing on Pinterest. She’d baked simple cakes before for small parties and family birthdays but decided it was time to step up her game, learn what fondant was, and attempt a custom design. Looking back, she laughs at how the cake came out. That’s not to say it was bad- it was actually a huge hit at the party. She’s simply amused by how proud she was of that first cake, knowing now how elegant and intricate her cakes have since become.

All custom desserts from Art of Cake NY are designed to meet two requirements. It is imperative they match the creative vision of the client, and it is essential they taste as exquisite as they look. The ultimate goal is to “wow” the recipient on both accounts. Clients are often reluctant to cut into their own cakes at first because they love seeing their own ideas artfully interpreted into a one-of-a-kind dessert. Of course, any cake, no matter how beautiful, is unfinished until it has been eaten. After the final pictures have been taken and the client tries a slice, they’ll be stunned by the rich flavor, moist, balanced texture, and velocity at which their piece seems to have vanished from their plate. 


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Magda Kubis

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I did not expect great success, meanwhile I won a Bronze Award at the 2017 New York Cake Show, and a cake I prepared in the same year for Halloween, went viral!


For Magda Kubis, no design is impossible. She loves taking on cake-based challenges and adding new techniques to her skillset. After countless long nights and tutorials, she’s made a name for herself in the cake community, taking the Bronze Award in the Wedding Cake category, both at the Cake International show in Birmingham, England, and New York Cake Show in New York City. Her designs have also been featured in magazines, such as The Cake Masters Magazine and Cake Central Magazine. In 2019 Magda had the pleasure to serve as a judge at the Expo Sweet Cake Competition in Warsaw, Poland.

Magda found so much joy in learning to craft her own custom cakes, she decided to share her knowledge and start an online cake decorating school – Akademia Tortu. The Cake Academy is in Polish, her native language, but she offers English tutorials as well. It is a supportive space where curious, aspiring cake decorators can get acquainted and fearlessly ask for evaluation or advice.

Art of Cake NY has designed and baked an extensive assortment of cakes for a variety of clients. Maybe you need a three-dimensional unicorn cake for a fairytale birthday party. Maybe you need an awe-inspiring anti-gravity cake for a family get-together. Maybe you need an elegant, three-tiered wedding cake topped with delicate, naturalistic flowers. If you can dream it, we can bake it. At Art of Cake NY, your imagination is our inspiration. 


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